A Camping Experience for Stroke Survivors & Their Caregivers
We now have a tentative schedule of Stroke Camps for 2021. Click on 'Camp Dates / Registration' in the main menu to see the list. Registration and more details will be coming soon. We will also provide registration information on our Social Media.

Welcome to Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp's website. We are glad you're here! Here at Stroke Camp, we're all about helping survivors and caregivers improve their quality of life. Our camps began when Marylee Nunley recognized that something fun and relaxing should be done to support her survivor husband, John, and their friends from a local stroke support group. In one single weekend you can expect relaxation, tips, activities, entertainment, laughter, music, games, crafts and more. So if you need a break from life, our three-day weekend retreat is just the thing you need.

It's all about being yourself and embracing life again when stroke works overtime...

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